Pre-Prohibition 9
Carlisle 1892
Pure Rye Whiskey
Rochester Distilling
Old Grand Dad
Bonded Whiskey
Old Grand Dad Distillery Co.
Hobbs, Kentucky
Clear Brook Bourbon
D.L. Moore Distillery
Vanarsdell, KY
Fleming's Pure Rye
Joseph Fleming & Son
Pittsburgh, PA
Baltimore Club
Used At
(List of Various Clubs
Using Baltimore Club)
Cedar Brook
Sour Mash Whiskey
Made Spring of 1912
W.H. McBrayer
Barclay's "76" Rye
F.R. Gluck Co.
Cincinnati, O.
Merry Monarch
Pure Whiskey
Mack & Birmingham
Boston, Mass.
Reynold's Rye
Raphael - Adolph Co.
Pittsburgh   Cincinnati
S.S. Pierce Co
Scotch Whisky
Put Up Expressly For
Eastern S.S. Co
Harvest King
Baltimore Rye Whiskey
Harvest King Distilling Co.
Kansas City, MO
R. H. Parker
Blended Whiskey
N. M. Uri Co.
Louisville, KY
Westland Club
Bourbon Whiskey
Black & White
Blended Scotch
Glentalchers-Glenlivet Distillery
Mulber, Speyside