Pre-Prohibition 6
Huguley's Whiskey
Old Amor 1894  Rye 10 Years Old
H.W. Huguley Co
134 Canal St.
Merry Moment Cocktail
Rheinstrom Bros.
Cincinnati, U.S.A.
The Mihalovitch Co.
Distillers of Superior
Quality Liquors
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Bear Creek All Rye
"My Own Bottling"
Max Klein
32 Federal St
Allegheny, Penn.
Old Sage
High Grade Kentucky Bourbon
Bottled In Bond
Straight Rye Whiskey
Harper Whiskey
Highest Award For Purity At
New Orleans 1885
Chicago 1893
Old Oscar Pepper
Hand Made Sour Mash
Frankfort, KY
Old J.B.T.
Copper Distilled Sour Mash Whiskey
Tom Moore Distillery
Pfeiffer Bros. Proprietors
Louisville, KY
Quinine Whiskey
"For Malaria or a Cold"
The Quinine Whiskey Co.
Louisville, KY
Delport Whiskey
A Blend
Showell Fryer & Co. Inc.
Old Kentucky
Bourbon Whiskey
Consolidated Distilleries Ltd.
Montreal, Canada
Huguley's Whiskey
Old Amor Rye
H.W. Huguley Co.
134 Canal St.