Pre-Prohibition 11
Pure Rye
Schenley Distilling Co.
Schenley(Lucesco) PA
        Dark Brown                                                        Light Brown                                                            
Three Different Shades of Helmet Rye
Fruehauf Distilling Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Sam Thompson
Pure Rye Whiskey
Thompson Distilling Co.
West Brownsville, PA
Queen's Liqueur
Scotch Whisky
W. C. McFadden & Co.
Glasgow, Scotland
Old Black Thorn
Jas. Thompson & Bro.
Louisville, KY
Lick Run
Hand Made
Sour Mash Whiskey
Standard Distilling Co.
Cincinnati, OH
Canadian Club Whisky
Hiram Walker & Sons, Ltd.
Walkerville, Canada
Canadian Rye Whisky
The British Columbia Distillery
New Westminster B.C.
Pickwick Rye
Bottled Expressly For
The Great Northern RR
Geo. Benz & Sons
Minneapolis/St. Paul
Fine Whiskey A Blend
"For Medicinal Purposes"
Walsh & Co. Family Wine Store
1828 - 1834 Washington St.  Boston
Original Bob Taylor Whiskey
A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
Compliments Of Cannon & Smith
Ironton, Ohio
Old Stag
Pure Rye Whiskey
Whiskey A Blend
M.C. Rosenfeld Co.
Boston, Mass
Minnesota Club
Bourbon Whiskey
A. Hirschman & Co.
St. Paul, Minn.
15 Yr Old Rye
Kellerstass Distilling Co.
Kansas City, MO
J. W. Mason Whiskey
Nelson Co. Kentucky
A Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year
Old Homestead Whiskey
Samuel Westheimer Co.
St. Louis, MO
Boone Fork 100 Proof
Straight Kentucky Whiskey
Horback Liquor Co.
304 W. Sixth St.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Old Russet Rye
Lincoln House
Borelli & Callahan, Props.
New Milford, Conn.
B Bros.
Louisville, KY
Dandy Lion
Uncle Sam's
Monogram Whiskey
Geo. Benz & Sons
Distilleries At
Eminence, KY and Baltimore, MD
The Chancellor Manhattan Cocktail
The Chancellor Cocktail Co.
Milwaukee, WI
Radcliff Rye
The Ginter Company
Boston, Mass.
Merry Christmas
Compliments of Joe Kautz 1904
Happy New Year
Renault Bitters
L. N. Renault & Sons
Egg Harbor City, NJ