Welcome to my MINI

My name is John Sullivan and I have been
collecting miniature liquor bottles since 1962.  
For about 30 of those years I specialized in
miniature scotch whisky bottles.  I would buy
collections of mini bottles just to get the mini
scotches in those collections.  As a result of
buying these collections through the years, I
also built up quite good collections on other
types of spirits as well, such as American,
Canadian and other foreign whiskies, Vodkas,
Rums, Gins, Tequilas and mini beers.  I would
continue to add to these other minor collections
as I continued to pursue my first love which
was scotch whisky minis.  Well, in 1996, a
collector from Scotland made me an offer I
couldn't refuse for my mini scotch whisky
collection and so I sold them.  Then I decided
that vodka would become my #1 collection.  
From 1992 until 2002 I traveled all over the
world in my job, I found that many countries of
the world produce vodka and so I have been
having a ball finding mini vodkas all over the
world.  I now have about 3300 different mini
vodka bottles with about 500 duplicates
available for trade or sale.  I also have a quite
good collection of whiskies, rums, tequilas and
mini beers, with plenty of traders available in all
categories.  You can reach me through my
e-mail address: happyguy99@comcast.net